Nomex® Tape Magnet Wire (220° C)

Alconex Specialty Products, Inc. is a Master Distributor of DuPont Nomex® 410 insulated wire products.

Nomex® is a paper insulation for magnet wire rated at 220° C.  Nomex® may be impregnated with oil, chlorinated bi-phenyl, or silicone.  Nomex® paper has excellent tear resistance and is resistant to damage during winding.

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Alconex has become a world leader in high-speed application of insulating papers on aluminum and copper.  We buy our Nomex® insulations direct from DuPont™, slit from master rolls into Step Packed, multi-ply wire wrap packages utilizing our in-house converter, and serve them onto our extruded aluminum and copper conductors at high speed, allowing us to offer the best quality products with quick turnaround.




Round:  NEMA MW 61-C, MW 61-A, and Alconex Specification

Square and Rectangular:  NEMA MW 60-C, MW 60-A and Alconex Specification


Dry-Type Transformers

Specialty Transformers

Oil-Filled Transformers

Utility Transformers

Power Transformers

Distribution Transformers

Power Generation

Lifting Magnets


Nomex™ 410 offers high dielectric strength properties, mechanical toughness and high flexibility.

Nomex is most commonly used with varnishes and resins, as well as transformer oils.

Typical tape thicknesses used for wrapping conductor is 2 mil. Other thicknesses are available upon request.

Most common construction utilizes two tapes with 50% overlap. Minimum overall increase in insulations thickness for 2 mil tape utilizing two tapes is 7 mil, per NEMA MW 1000-2018. Typical is 8 mil increased in total build.

Dielectric breakdown of not less than 300 V/mil of the minimum thickness of paper covering one side or half the minimum increase in build, per NEMA MW 1000-2018.


Radius corner, fully rounded edge, round, and trapezoidal.

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