ALCONEX WHITE® Products (105° C)


ALCONEX WHITE® is an innovative cellulose-free film insulation that is changing the game in fluid filled transformer applications. ALCONEX WHITE® has a thermal rating of 105° C.  Our customers who choose ALCONEX WHITE® over paper products are experiencing cost savings, reduction in size of unit, and production of more efficient units.

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  • Fluid-Filled Transformers
  • Utility Transformers
  • Power Generation
  • Transformer Lead Cable
  • Transformer Layer Insulation


  • ALCONEX WHITE® may be applied to copper CDA101, CDA102, & CDA110 soft-temper or aluminum 1350-0 temper (ask about 3003 and 8176)
  • Copper soft temper ranges from 24,000-PSI (minimum) to 36,000-PSI (maximum)
  • Aluminum 1350-0 temper ranges from 8,500 PSI (minimum) to 14,000 PSI

For more technical information, contact us toll-free at 1-800-443-6481.


Decreased Size/Increased Power

With ALCONEX WHITE®, engineers have been able to reduce the size of their design. This decrease in size does not hinder performance; with ALCONEX WHITE®, smaller transformer designs actually have increased performance over current electrical insulations used today.

Reduce Production Time and Carbon Footprint

Not only will customers enjoy cost savings on the design of their products, they will also enjoy reducing their production time with ALCONEX WHITE®.


Alconex White® 25kva Build

 Alconex Specialty Products, Inc., is not a producer of transformers.  Alconex White® is available in insulated magnet wire, layer insulation, and lead cable products as an alternative to thermally upgraded craft papers and crepe papers.  The picture above contains these three components and is a visual representation of the products being used in a fluid-filled transformer.  The transformer itself is not a product offered or being sold by Alconex Specialty Products, Inc.