Paper Tape Magnet Wire (105° C)


Thermally Upgraded Paper is a paper insulation for magnet wire rated 90° C when dry.  When submerged in oil, Thermally Upgraded Paper is rated 105° C.  The Thermally Upgraded Paper covered wire has the desired characteristic of absorbing the energy from impact.  It is also resistant of scuffing and cutting.

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Cindus Thermally Upgraded Paper (105°C) (technical info)

Cottrell Thermally Upgraded Paper (105°C)

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Round:  NEMA MW 31-C and Alconex Specification

Square and Rectangular:  NEMA MW 33-C and Alconex Specification


Oil-Filled Transformers

Utility Transformers

Power Generation


Paper may be applied to copper CDA101, CDA102, & CDA110 soft-temper or aluminum 1350-0 temper (ask about 3003 and 8176)

Copper soft temper ranges from 24,000-PSI (minimum) to 32,000-PSI (maximum)

Aluminum 1350-0 temper ranges from 8,500 PSI (minimum) to 14,000 PSI (maximum)

Paper Wire Capabilities