At Alconex, we have built our reputation by providing products that are right for our customers-right for their manufacturing process as well as the life of their products.  Not only are we able to supply our customers with a quality product that meets their exact needs, but we also can get that quality product into our customers facilities with short lead times.

We have also built a reputation on being innovative as a magnet wire supplier. We have created two new electrical insulation films to meet the current and future needs of our customers.  Ask us about our UL-recognized electrical insulation system for the dry-type transformer industry (low, medium, and high voltage), Alconex Gold®. Also, ask us about our revolutionary new insulation product line, Alconex White­®, for the fluid filled transformer industry.

Our product offerings range from bare and insulated round, square, and rectangular wire to custom extrusions like tubing, bus bar, and various other shapes. Our primary aluminum alloy is 1350-O (call for availability of other alloys such as 3003 and 8176). Our primary copper alloys are CDA101, CDA102, and CDA110.

All products are produced in soft tempers. The magnet wire insulations range from a single to multi-paper 105-degree tape to a 240-degree tape.  For information on our 240-degree tape, contact us today toll-free at 1-800-443-6481 or view a list of our sales force for more information, including our UL File..

We recently received the title of “Authorized Wire Wrapper” by DuPont for their Nomex® products (see information here.)

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