Energizing Excellence

Alconex is not only a leader in supplying magnet wire for manufacturers globally, we’ve also earned our reputation for leadership in quality, customer service and collaboration, as well as innovation in new product development. Since 1987, our commitment has been to innovate, produce, market, and deliver products that enable our customers to produce products for a growing global market.

Aluminum and Copper Wire

Have a need for insulated aluminum or copper magnet wire? Alconex has you covered. Our wire product offering includes thermally upgraded kraft insulated wire, ALCONEX WHITE® cellulose-free insulated wire, DuPont Nomex 410 insulated wire, and ALCONEX GOLD® bonded wire.

Bare Aluminum and Copper

Have a need for bare aluminum or copper products in the form of wire, buss bar, tubing, or specialty extrusions? We offer bare products on reels, coils, pancakes, and straight lengths, dependent upon your needs.